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Positioning you as the expert you are.

Helping 6-figure experts generate high-quality inbound leads by building a powerful brand on LinkedIn.**LinkedIn Growth Strategy | Inbound Lead Generation **

Get out of your head

You know what you stand for.You have your mission, vision, and philosophy ready.You have the expertise to solve the problems of your clients.You have the experience to do the perfect job your clients pay you for.Only one problem:You're unable to communicate your value and reach your ideal audience.Every time, you sit down and try to put the right words together, you fail.

Your message is unclear.

Your expertise is invisible.

Your business stops growing.

Ask yourself

How valuable would it be for your business if your brand messaging is exactly aligned with your mission, vision, and philosophy?How confident would you feel if your online presence and outbound communication are all aligned?How liberated would you be if you knew that every piece of content you published was part of an aligned brand strategy?

  • One aligned brand message across your online channels.

  • Full confidence in your brand and messaging.

  • A direct line of communication with your audience and clients.

Give your brand the voice it deserves

I help you “get out of your head" and put your expertise into words.Extracting the words you weren't even aware of.The process is as effortless as possible: through questionnaires and frameworks, you're asked for relevant and high-quality input.This results in a brand that your clients empathize and associate with.

"JessIe knows what he's doing:He gets the words I want to say out of my head, without me even realizing that that's how I wanted to say them.This process has been very effortless and easy, and I love working with him because he's so evident in the communication.- Mario Lanzarotti, Mindset Mastery Coach

Bring your vision to life

In your LinkedIn presence, on your website, and all your other content.I help you capture who you are and which problem you solve.You will have the confidence to go out into the world to attract your ideal audience and convert them into clients.Here's how I help you:

LinkedIn Growth Power Session

An intensive 90-minute session:Here's what you get:

  • In-depth advice on your brand strategy.

  • "Pick my brain on everything related to LinkedIn"


LinkedIn Inbound System

An intensive 4-month 1-1 engagement where I work WITH YOU to build your content-based selling system.Here's what you get:

  • Create a content system to grow 500-1,000 audience members per month, become known as an expert in your niche, and convert 25+ cold leads into calls/month.

  • Find 10+ ideal avatars per day to add as connections and initiate a DM conversation (“intro message”, scripted and tested).

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile as an eye-catching billboard you can’t stop looking at and have profile visitors trust you within 60 seconds.


(with guaranteed return)

My job is to uncover the unseen and unspoken and translate this into an aligned brand message.

Here's what clients said:

Josh Blackburn

Michael Schroeder

Charlotte Lloyd

Scott Jones

Michel Brok

"*Linkedin is the #1 platform to reach my audience and to build my personal brand but I had difficulty putting all the pieces together. *Although I had followed the Justin Welsh Linkedin Operating System course, I still didn’t know where to start.*Jessie helped me to become a better writer, position myself in the right way, and understand the mechanics of Linkedin. *Next to understanding how it worked, Jessie motivated me to be consistent also when the results were disappointing.I was glad I worked together with him because now I have reached the level of engagement on Linkedin I hoped for.*Working with Jessie is great, he is proactive and adapts his approach to your situation. *I don’t know other coaches but if you just started and you are serious to learn LinkedIn, then he is your guy.- Co-founder @ AldrichX

Mario Lanzarotti

JAAP Coaching

Together with my business partner, we started a company that is concerned with innovating mentorship in high schools. How much do we know about coaching and psychology, so little do we know about building a brand, website, etc.Jessie helped us enormously with this. As a starting point, he asked us questions about our core business, mission, vision, and future goals. This gave us new clear insights and contributed to the structure of our business; in a certain way, it felt like reinventing what we wanted to do and why.Subsequently, Jessie explained to us what he thought was the best construction of our website. He told us about how different built-ups are suited for different stages of a company.For example, we wanted to attract high schools and tell our story, so Jessie arranged our website in a way that it told our story and that it was suited for gathering “customers”. We have got a website out there that tells who we are.* Additionally, Jessie will follow our journey and adjust our website and story to the according phase of our business.*

Jonny Stahl

Gagan Gupta

Based on a referral, I decided to hire Jessie to redo my LinkedIn Profile.I was not sure how to go about updating my LinkedIn profile, but Jessie assisted me in framing it correctly as per my niche.I'd recommend working with Jessie as it's a first step towards rejuvenating your LinkedIn.

Wendy Hermann

"Working with Jessie has been extremely helpful as I learn about content creation.Meeting with him one on one gave me the insights I was seeking on leveraging the work I'm already doing and how to take it to the next level.He took the time to answer my questions and explain concepts in a way I could understand and apply. He is friendly and approachable, making it easy to do the work.I feel more confident in moving forward.Thanks, Jessie!"

It's time to position you as the expert you are.

I help you build a powerful brand on LinkedIn that gets you the inbound leads you're looking for.To make every project a success, I'd like to get to know you first.Let's combine your experience and my expertise.Together we can become unstoppable.